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Portable Breathing Air Compressor C150-B/E/W

The LUXON-C compressor is a portable, mobile, high quality, high pressure gas compressor.

Rugged, compact and flexible, it can be easily placed in the rear compartment of a car, and its top quality in the world is loved by miniature fire stations, chemical, labor defense, and personal divers.

Wide range of applications: sports diving, fire fighting, marine, medical engineering, shooting, racing and more.

Additional information
  • With power cord and magnetic start switch
  • Button or switch with start and stop
  • Intermediate stage oil water separator
  • Metal frame structure with spray coating
  • Last stage safety valve provides overpressure protection
  • Stainless steel intermediate condenser
  • Activated carbon molecular sieve filter
  • Condensate drain valve
  • Final pressure limiting valve


B, E, W