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Stationary Automatic Air Compressor G700/800/900/1000-E STD

LUXON-G is a long-tested classic high-volume, high-quality air-cooled high-pressure compressor.

The LUXON-G pump head is a high-efficiency and high-quality high-pressure compressor from LUXON. It has a fixed standard model and a vertical silent automatic model to meet the different needs of customers.

A wide range of applications: sports diving, chemical, labor, fire, ship, medical engineering, shooting, racing and so on.

  • Highly reliable four-stage X-shaped structure
  • Stainless steel intermediate condenser
  • Intermediate stage pressure air valve
  • Last stage safety valve provides overpressure protection
  • Activated carbon molecular sieve filtration system
  • Intermediate stage oil water separator
  • Air inlet air filter
  • Shockproof pressure gauge
  • Motor overload protection
  • Automatic sewage system
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Fan and cylinder cover
  • Electronic timer
  • Partition switch
  • Filter system armor structure
  • A variety of drive options are available
  • A variety of compressor shapes are available