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XQT99 Positive Pressure Air Breathing Apparatus

The XQT99 series positive pressure air breathing apparatus is a self-contained open circuit breathing apparatus. As an ideal personal breathing protector for the fireman and emergency rescuer, it is widely used in such sectors as firefighting, chemical industry, shipping, petroleum, smelting, electricity, warehouse, lab, and mine, by firemen and emergency rescuers to perform efficient rescue and relief work under the conditions of heavy smoke, poisonous gas, steam, low oxygen, etc.


1. This SCBA has a full face mask with big screen transparent, flame retardant & can be put on radio for      communication;
2. Automatic suction structure and emergency gas supply button design for easy operation;
3. Fiber carbon gas cylinder with lightweight alloy liner which is high strength and corrosion resisting, can also be designed for different marked colors for dark work;
4. Back plate & harness flame retardant, is tolerant for different sizes of gas cylinders;
5. Alarm whistle & gauge is attached.

Volume of the gas cylinder
Cylinder material
Carbon fiber composites
Service time
≥60mins at 30L/min
Working pressure
Hydrostatic pressure
Overall weight
9kg(air not included)
Compressed air
Certificate Standard
CE: EN137
Max flow(L/min)
Inhalation resistance(Pa)
Exhalation resistance(Pa)
Alarm pressure(MPa)
4 ~ 6
Alarm voice