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Fireman Leather Protective Boots NK-1201

Anti crash parameter AN1200 Joule impact force, deformation clearance is greater than 15mm.
The tensile properties of the boot

the elongation rate of the binder is greater than 480%, the elongation at the outer bottom is greater than 380%.

The soles of puncture resistance

the puncture force is greater than or equal to 1300N.

Electrical insulation properties

breakdown voltage of more than 6KV.

The sole heat insulation performance

30min heating, internal surface temperature is less than or equal to 22 ℃.

Thermal radiation heat radiation performance

through 10kw/m2 1min, internal surface temperature is less than or equal to 22℃.

Abrasion resistance of the sole

the abrasion loss is less than or equal to 0.8cm3/1.6km.

Tensile strength rubber surface around outer layer is larger than 14.7Mpa, more than 10.78Mpa.
Tear strength greater than or equal to 60N/mm
Anti-skid performance

start sliding angle greater than 15 degrees.

oil resistance

oil resistance test, the positive change in the range of -20%~+10%.